Hankyung.com Introduces adobaro, The AI based SaaS Solution to Enter China

How a SaaS Solution is Opening the Paths for Global Content Creators in the Chinese Market

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 2023, adobaro has successfully entered and launched it’s SaaS platform in the global market, and are generating remarkable outcomes.

After 3 years of operating in South Korea, partnering with some of top local content creators and talent agencies, adobaro officially launched globally back in June at VidCon 2023. Up to date, 890 teams of creators have successfully entered China, operating over 2,500 Chinese platform channels through adobaro—the largest number internationally in China. These include some of the top global content creators, considered key figures in their respective categories with millions of followers. Since joining adobaro, creators’ subscriber base and views have each annually increased by an impressive 310% and 270%.

In the ever-evolving realm of content creation, the magnetic pull of the Chinese market is irresistible, especially for creators from abroad—particularly those from the United States. If wondering why China stands as the next frontier, the answer is found in the innovative platform known as adobaro.

adobaro transcends the realm of traditional AI-based SaaS—it’s a beacon for content creators seeking to discover and accelerate global traffic. Its journey began by strategically targeting the world’s most traffic-rich market: China. This strategic move is rooted in China being the optimal hub for connecting to multiple platforms using a single language, boasting a colossal 5 billion monthly active users—2.5 times the global user base of YouTube. A market with such a vast user base, all understanding the same language, is undeniably a game-changer for content creators. However, this opportunity remains elusive to outsiders; opening channels in China requires a Chinese government ID, and each platform operates under distinct methods and regulations. Until adobaro.

How does adobaro achieve this?

By connecting content creators with Chinese platforms hosting 5 billion monthly active users. adobaro stands alone as the only company in the world with direct, official partnerships sealed with 12 major Chinese platforms. Through its meticulously structured approach, creators can enter the Chinese market in a safe and legitimate manner.

Uploading content multiple times for different platforms stics in the past. With adobaro, creators upload content once and simply choose the platforms for distribution. adobaro’s AI takes charge, generating video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails optimized for each platform. This streamlined process empowers creators to operate on top Chinese platforms simultaneously while managing all channels and content seamlessly through the integrated dashboard.

The channels opened via adobaro are not just channels, they are instantly monetized. With it’s strategic parthersnhip, the platforms enables them to navigate the complex monetization conditions unique to each platform.

[But what are the benefits of entering the Chinese market?]

Delving into the many advantages of joining the Chinese market with adobaro uncovers exciting opportunities beyond just growing. Here are the top reasons why content creators should consider taking this exciting journey:

A Gigantic Stage for Global Content

For those with the passion of sharing content with the world, China offers the perfect stage. With its population of 1.4 billion potential viewers and 5 billion monthly active users, it has become something more than just a market.

The Surging Chinese Middle Class

Who doesn’t cherish growth and opportunity? China’s middle class is thriving for diverse content and products. Whether it’s tech, fashion, health, or other niches, there’s an insatiable hunger for fresh offerings. It’s a golden chance to reach a market keen for more.

China’s Innovation Powerhouse

Focusing on the Chinese audience as a content creator means more than just potential success—it’s a way to step into a world full of benefits. Getting involved in the Chinese market exposes one’s content to a diverse and globally influential audience. It allows creators to refine their content to fit the dynamic and ever-changing market. Connecting with Chinese viewers provides unique insights and inspiration that can greatly enrich creators’ creative journey.

It’s a chance to foster a global community that celebrates unique voices and creativity. The Chinese audience isn’t just an audience; it’s a trigger for innovation and a doorway to a world of creative possibilities.

In essence, adobaro is not just promoting this—it’s passionately committed to expanding horizons. China isn’t just another market; it’s a fresh canvas to broaden audience, explore new growth avenues, and revel in the awaited exposure.

adobaro aims to continue opening paths to China for more global content creators in 2024 by expanding it’s cross-border network and enlarging the number of serviceable platforms in China. adobaro is projected to exceed 1,000 users by the end of 2023, and is aiming to exceed 10,000 users by 2024.

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