How Israel used Lavender, an AI program, to pick targets in Gaza

Israel Lavender AI program in Gaza

On Monday, regrettably, seven humanitarian workers affiliated with the NGO World Central Kitchen lost their lives in Gaza due to an Israeli airstrike, causing widespread outrage and calls for an official probe. This tragic incident highlights the ongoing perils faced by aid workers in the region. Additionally, various organizations like WCK had to suspend their activities in Gaza following this unfortunate event. Our essay explores possible ramifications of these developments on Gazan citizens and the larger conflict. 

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Meanwhile, a significant 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan on Wednesday, resulting in at least twelve fatalities and over nine hundred injuries. Historically, Taiwan experiences approximately two thousand earthquakes each year, making it highly susceptible to seismic activity. For instance, between 1980 and now, records show over one hundred earthquakes with magnitudes exceeding 5.5. Nonetheless, despite suffering severe structural damages during this recent disaster, Taiwan’s iconic skyscraper – Taipei 101 – remained relatively unscathed due to its innovative design featuring a massive pendulum mechanism at the core.

Shifting focus from geopolitics and natural calamities, the US government assigned NASA the responsibility of establishing a lunar timezone called Coordinated Lunar Time (CLT) by December 2026. As anticipation builds up across North America, experts worry that the upcoming ‘Great Solar Eclipse’ on Monday might disrupt mobile network services, potentially overshadowing communication systems. Delving deeper into this concern, our analysis sheds light on whether the eclipse may negatively impact telecommunications infrastructure. 

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People watch the solar eclipse on the lawn of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. Monday’s eclipse will be America’s second total solar eclipse in seven years. 

Lastly, TikTok recently witnessed an alarming trend known as ‘#PunchedInNewYork,’ wherein multiple women shared accounts of being physically assaulted by unknown males in New York City. Such disturbing incidents have instilled fear among users of the popular social media platform.