(Features, Price, Pros and Cons) – The In-depth Review

As a writer and researcher, I’m constantly on the lookout for digital tools that can enhance my work efficiency and productivity.

Whether it’s converting hand-written notes, quoting from printed materials, or extracting text from scanned documents, I often require an image to text converter. For all of these conversions, is my ideal tool.

It is user-friendly, free, and has all the features necessary for image to text conversion. Keep reading to discover more about this tool in this detailed review. 

Overview is an AI-powered tool that utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. 

This technology helps users convert hand-written, human-typed, or scanned documents and images into text.

Images to text

It is capable of recognizing and copying the image into editable text. This has transformed the way people extract text from pictures or documents. It not only replaces manual transcription but also eliminates the chances of human error in text extraction.

How to Use

As I said earlier, this picture to text converter is the simplest tool to use. It requires no signup and just 2 steps to convert an image into text. 

  1. Upload the image (supportive formats are PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG)
Images to text converter
  1. Click on the button “Get Text”, and copy the extracted text.
Image to text converter

Remarkable Features of

It is one of the many tools available for online image-to-text conversion. However, the accuracy level and efficiency can vary greatly among these tools, with some being more advanced and efficient than others.

It features integrated and updated OCR technology, which enables it to provide quick and accurate text recognition and extraction. Here are some of the remarkable features of this AI converter tool:

  • Latest OCR Technology

This image to text converter features the latest OCR models, enabling the tool to copy text from images with maximum accuracy. 

It allows for better text recognition, supports various image formats, and automates picture-to-text conversion. All of these features make the tool valuable for users in diverse professions.

  • Multilingual OCR Models 

Multilingual OCR models in an image-to-text converter enable it to recognize text in images in different languages. This feature not only saves users’ time but also enhances data accessibility among users from various regions.

One major benefit of this feature is that it breaks down language barriers in our increasingly globalized world, where individuals and businesses interact across linguistic boundaries.

  • Batch Processing 

As its title indicates, batch processing by the picture to text converter allows content extraction from multiple images at a time.

The user can upload up to 5 images (less than 100MB) per attempt. This feature helps compile content and save the user’s time and energy.

  • Accepts All Image Formats 

This advanced jpg to text online accepts 4 different most commonly used image formats including:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • Recognize Distracted Text and Distorted Fonts

Photo to text converter online is capable of reading distracted text and diverse fonts. This feature of the tool is a blessing, especially for copying hand-written documents. 

Diverse font recognizing capability is helpful for users as it ensures that nothing is lost during image to text conversion. It is also helpful in text extraction from different sources. 

  • Scalable Text Extraction 

Scalable text extraction means the picture to text converter can handle both small and large-sized images (less than or up to 100MB). 

It eliminates the need for frequent tool replacement by allowing diverse text extraction tasks through a single platform.

Price Plan of

It is a free online photo to text converter online. It supports multiple image formats, and users can upload up to 5 images at a time for combined text extraction.

Pros and Cons of

Like any other tool or technology, this AI image to text converter also has some limitations along with many other useful and incomparable advantages. 


  • User-friendly Interface 

There are no formalities required to extract text from images. Moroever, it is just a 2-steps process).

  • The best alternative to manual writing

It eliminates the need to copy text from images manually. Instead, the user just has to upload the image and click on the “get text” button for text conversion. 

  • No risk of human error 

Digitizing the process of extracting text from images eliminates the chances of human errors that may occur during manual typing or writing.

  • Digital data storage:

There is no need to store information or data on paper when you have an image to text converter. Storing data on digital devices also allows for better searchability.

  • Free of cost 

Some pictures to text converters are paid to unlock all the features, however, this AI software is completely free to use and allows unlimited conversions.  

  • Editable text extraction 

The extracted text can be copied and edited at any time. 

  • Recognize different languages 

Photo to text converter online is capable of recognizing and extracting text in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, etc. languages.  

  • Accepts 4 image formats

Images in PNG, JPG, GIF, and JPEG formats are acceptable. 

  • Queue Processing

The tool allows conversion of up to 5 images less than 100MB into text at a time. 


  • Requires internet connectivity 
  • Destroy the original text formatting 


As I conclude today’s review of, I want to assure you that this AI conversion tool is the most efficient and accurate in its functionality.

Its simple-to-use design and advanced software are the reasons for its exceptional performance. Multilingual support and compatibility with various image formats are additional benefits of this image to text converter.

If you are a writer, journalist, or content marketer in search of the most efficient yet simple image to text converter, I am confident in saying that this one is the best choice for you.