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Indian Army’s Advancements in AI and Autonomous Systems

AI Initiatives

The Indian Army is investigating the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in autonomous systems, face recognition, vehicle tracking, natural language processing, and satellite imagery analysis.

The creation of robotic surveillance platforms, driverless combat vehicles, manned-unmanned cleaning systems, and a powerful AI cloud for computing are among the projects in progress.

The army is also exploring 5G communications for operations and training. 

The Indian Army is currently preparing an AI roadmap for future

Modernization Efforts

The Army Chief emphasized the importance of modern technology, stating that while the replacement of all vintage platforms at once is not feasible, there is a focused roadmap to substantially scale up the ratio of vintage to state-of-the-art equipment by 2030.

Responsible Use of AI

The military can benefit from and face difficulties from the application of AI, which can lead to better decision-making, better surveillance, better logistics, autonomous vehicles, and cybersecurity.
International norms controlling AI use are necessary, and ethical concerns about AI use in lethal kinetic systems were emphasized.

Future Prospects and Training Initiatives

In order to face future security concerns, the Indian Army is committed to exploiting emerging and disruptive technologies, which is why it is focusing on creating military-grade 5G and 6G technologies.

The army is also investing in real-time monitoring software for counterterrorism operations, AI-enabled drones and robots for reconnaissance missions, and upskilling staff in the most recent developments in the digital and cyber security fields.

How is India ramping up use of AI in the military?

In conclusion, the Indian Army’s foray into AI and autonomous systems reflects a strategic push towards modernization and technological advancement, with a strong emphasis on responsible and ethical utilization of these cutting-edge technologies.