Jointly Revolutionizes Cannabis Shopping With AI-Driven Personalization

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Jointly, a leader in software and data for purposeful cannabis consumption, today announced a significant advancement in the evolution of Spark, its AI-driven cannabis consumption assistant.

Spark now offers consumers a unique, personalized cannabis shopping experience, drawing its knowledge from over half a million documented cannabis experiences. 

Spark is found in Jointly’s mobile app, where consumers track the goals for their cannabis consumption, their successes, their product choices, and the factors impacting their experiences, creating a rich data reservoir to power Spark’s intelligence and recommendations.

A New Era of Cannabis Shopping

David Kooi, Jointly’s CEO and Co-Founder, highlights the novelty of Spark, “For the first time, people can shop for cannabis by talking to an AI that has real data about what works best for people based on the reasons they’re looking for.”

Jointly’s internal reporting indicates that its data covers 98% of the reasons why people consume cannabis. Kooi continues, “In places like Los Angeles, ordering cannabis for pickup or delivery via an app isn’t groundbreaking. What is groundbreaking is the way Spark utilizes data and objectivity to deliver a new level of personalization to the shopping experience.”

Spark’s shopping features are being introduced to consumers in select U.S. cities, including Los Angeles and greater Oakland in California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, through partnerships with leading dispensaries and delivery services.

Tailored to Your Preferences

“Spark isn’t just another cannabis AI. It’s a culmination of exhaustive data collection on what truly works for cannabis consumers,” said Kooi.

Beyond the data that informs it, Spark’s advantage lies in its ability to learn from and adapt to each user, sculpting a personalized cannabis journey. “Spark is attentive to your unique needs and preferences, personalizing its suggestions just for you,” adds Kooi.

The Ultimate AI Companion for Purposeful Cannabis Consumption

This evolving process creates a mutually beneficial relationship. Consumers seeking enhanced cannabis experiences contribute data and feedback, which in turn allows Spark to become a more effective and insightful cannabis companion.

These new capabilities are in addition to the evolving role Spark has been playing as a comprehensive guide to responsible and enjoyable cannabis use. It educates users on consumption best practices, simplifying the cannabis journey for a rewarding experience.

Introducing Spark Pro for Budtenders

Understanding the pivotal role of budtenders in the modern cannabis experience, Jointly also offers Spark Pro, an AI co-pilot equipping budtenders with insights on goal-specific product performance and cannabis consumption best practices. “Spark Pro is set to redefine the art of budtending, making it more informed, effective, and in tune with individual customer needs,” Kooi states.

About Jointly

Jointly is a forward-thinking cannabis software company committed to helping people reach their goals with cannabis and elevating the shopping experience with their data-driven purposeful cannabis consumption framework. By combining AI technology with a deep understanding of consumer needs, Jointly is at the forefront of the cannabis industry’s evolution towards more personalized, informed, and effective consumption.

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