Microsoft’s Innovation in AI products and Upgrades Prior To The Developer’s Conference

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Microsoft to launch its new AI Tools and other AI applications as suggested right before its Developer’s Conference: Here’s what we should look forward to.

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Microsoft’s new vision in its developer’s conference at Redmon Washington premises it to launch a variety of hardware and software tools that would enhance the customer’s use of AI and help in accelerating the Microsoft’s Copilot Software’s AI applications. The announcement is supposed to be made on 20th May, 2024 at their developer’s conference. It is expected that the company might come up with an upgrade in it’s already existing Surface Pro Tablet and Surface Laptop which is powered by the Snapdragon X Elite Chips inserted from Arm’s designed Qualcomm

In order to support AI applications on the device, it is expected that the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop will contain NPUs which will act as hardware accelerators. Furthermore, in order to maintain a record of the user’s activity on their Windows 11, the company might introduce a new feature called AI Explorer where the user can even check what their activities and work status look like. 

Earlier in January, Microsoft had introduced features where their users can have access to an AI chatbot via their keyboards. This time, to ensure a more safer and efficient use of its AI features, Microsoft will provide a wider range of memory to its already existing Surface Devices so as to support the use of AI applications.