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Original Meta Quest Support Ending

Original Meta Quest Support Ending: What It Means for Users

Meta, the company behind the Meta Quest headset, is ending support for the original Meta Quest device by the end of this month. They’ve informed developers through an email obtained by Forbes. After April 30th, no more updates will be provided to owners of the first-gen Meta Quest, and no new apps will be available in its store.

Meta explained that while new apps that support other Quest devices can still be uploaded, support for Quest 1 will be blocked. The original Quest headset was released in 2019, and considering the rapid changes in VR technology, a five-year support period isn’t unreasonable.

The Meta Quest 2, released in 2020, will likely remain available for a while, given its lower price than the newer Quest 3. This means there’s still a market for those seeking a casual VR experience.

However, this decision doesn’t mean that Quest 1 users won’t be able to use their headsets anymore. It simply means that their experiences will be limited without new apps or updates. Meta had already announced in January 2023 that Quest 1 support would end this year, and they’ve gradually been removing features. For example, Meta Horizon Home disappeared in March, and now they’re discontinuing support altogether.

The Quest 1’s technology is considered outdated now, with a Snapdragon 835 chip, 4GB of RAM, and a lower refresh rate compared to the Quest 2. It’s also heavier and has a lower display resolution and storage capacity.

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