Secures Major Funding to Expand AI Capabilities and Enter New Markets

Read how secured major funding to improve and expand its AI review platforms. This step will change all web markets and review management.

NEW YORK, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — secures new funding to scale its AI-powered review platform and enter new markets is pleased to announce the successful completion of its investment round to all users and potential partners. The undisclosed sum from a group of angel investors is rumored to value the company at around $100m. This capital will be deployed to enhance the company’s vetting of customer reviews to ensure they are, as the company states, “real” (i.e. not bot-generated by the companies themselves to fabricate good online reputation).

Key selling point of is its fake-detection engine. The company states that it values “quality over quantity”, preferring to allow only vetted reviews to be posted on its customer review platform. Given the massive proliferation of AI generated content, platform literally took off in the English speaking world, and the company is now working hard to scale the model to other local markets. The Netherlands, Hungary and Ukraine have been chosen to test the strategy, and more languages are promised later this year.

“Customer reviews are an invaluable asset for us and a form of trust capital. In the age of fake AI content we believe it’s best for the businesses and for society to have 50 real reviews rather than 5,000 questionable ones. By integrating advanced AI solutions, we can enhance our understanding of reviews and their impact on businesses and assist companies in improving their products and services, all while ensuring users encounter authentic messages on our customer review platform,” stated the CEO of

Entering New Markets


Ukraine has emerged as a new area of interest, largely due to its expanding e-commerce market and increasing customer engagement. More and more citizens opt for online shopping and service ordering over traditional methods. This trend has underscored the necessity of understanding the market and identifying trustworthy entities.

Given that the Ukrainian business segment lacks a unified platform for reviews and user feedback analysis, has seized the opportunity to fill this gap and offer a comprehensive solution for enhancing interaction across all parties of the e-commerce market. Now, with AI solutions, businesses, and average web users seeking to enhance their shopping experiences can benefit. Today, each Ukrainian can check the review of any local company with one click.


The Hungarian market for the distribution of digital goods and services is also experiencing rapid growth. More than half of all purchases and searches for service providers are conducted online. With citizens’ increasing digital engagement, more and more people are paying attention to online customer reviews.

Individuals must know whether they can trust companies and what other customers say about them. This posed a significant challenge for local businesses, as there was a need for a trustworthy platform to connect people and businesses. Hence, decided to enter the Hungarian market and provide a comprehensive solution for all parties involved.

The Netherlands

The commercial market in the Netherlands consistently maintains a high level. The population’s involvement in high technology is notably active. With more than half of all sales and services conducted online and the country’s regulatory framework not impeding the development of technology companies focused on review sites and responses, the environment is conducive to growth.

Moreover, the Netherlands leads in Europe in reducing bureaucratic barriers to business expansion. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before entered this market. This country’s residents and business representatives will now have access to a modern AI-powered review platform.

Investment Focus Areas

Automated Response Assistance

Automation has always been a priority for, as it facilitates the integration of AI and advanced solutions to simplify business interactions with customers and their negative or positive reviews. For businesses, this presents several opportunities:

  1. Timely and personalized responses to customer feedback.
  2. The ability to analyze people’s experiences and adapt accordingly.
  3. Analysis of the sentiment and context of each message.
  4. Selection of the best responses to negative reviews to resolve issues.

The solutions provided by enable automated expressions of gratitude to customers for positive reviews, offering constructive responses even in unconventional scenarios and deeply customizing the context of interaction with the audience. The ultimate goal is effective engagement with the target audience, and automated solutions can facilitate achieving this desired outcome. Now, businesses can reply to both positive and negative reviews to maintain their growth.

Enhancements to Existing Systems

Automated Review Analysis

The primary objective of is to continuously enhance customer sentiment recognition systems, which can significantly improve the accuracy of review analysis. Implementing advanced large language models allows for interpreting and implementing automated customer review analysis by generating a tag cloud with keywords.

Consequently, the system can categorize all specific issues or attributes, handle reviews efficiently, and provide effective solutions for prompt responses. Sentiment tracking is crucial for businesses seeking to capture subtle changes in customer needs, behavioral patterns, and experiences with specific web solutions.

Detecting Fake Reviews

Like all businesses committed to honest dialogue with customers, makes every effort to train linguistic models to identify patterns and anomalies associated with fake reviews. Trolling, review bombing, flaming, blackmail, spam, and classic disinformation have an extremely negative impact on any company and must be stopped.

The analytical model in reads contextual signals, repeated phrases, and all patterns that are not typical for the real reviews of the average customer. As a result, business owners can receive suspicious activity reports or even the option to block fake reviews, saving significant time automatically.

Bottom Line

In recent months, has been on the brink of a breakthrough in customer review management. With recent investments and market expansion, it’s only a matter of time before the customer reviews market undergoes a revolution. Enhancing the AI model and the overall approach to operating review analysis algorithms offers innovative opportunities for the growth of any business. Consequently, rapid expansion into new markets is becoming an achievable goal for the near future.

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