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Unleashing the Remarkable Future: Morgan Stanley Names New AI Lead

Explore the groundbreaking news as Morgan Stanley appoints a new AI head. Get an exclusive look at the future of banking technology.

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Morgan Stanley has appointed Jeff McMillan as the first Head of Firmwide Artificial Intelligence, indicating a strategic focus on AI adoption across the organization. McMillan, previously leading analytics and innovation in wealth management, will collaborate with key figures like Mike Pizzi, Sid Visentini, and Katy Huberty to drive AI strategy. The move aligns with Morgan Stanley’s commitment to technological evolution and innovation.


Jeff McMillan, previously leading Wealth Management’s Analytics, Data, and Innovation, has been promoted to Head of Firmwide Artificial Intelligence.

McMillan’s experience in driving technological evolution within Morgan Stanley, including partnerships with OpenAI, positions him well for this role. Watch video cheddar.com


  • McMillan’s primary responsibilities include coordinating AI strategy and governance across the firm, prioritizing AI opportunities in collaboration with business units, and ensuring Morgan Stanley’s position as an innovator in AI.
  • He will co-chair the Firmwide AI Steering Group with Katy Huberty, focusing on aligning AI initiatives with overall business objectives.

Collaboration with Key Figures:

  • McMillan will closely collaborate with Mike Pizzi, Head of U.S. Banks and Technology, and Sid Visentini, Head of Firm Strategy, to ensure seamless integration of AI initiatives with business strategies.
  • Working with Katy Huberty, Head of Global Research, indicates a focus on leveraging AI for research and analytical purposes.

Impact and Future Prospects:

The appointment signifies Morgan Stanley’s commitment to AI adoption, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, decision-making, and innovation across the organization. Collaborations with key figures suggest a holistic approach to AI integration, aligning with the firm’s long-term growth strategy.

Morgan Stanley’s strategic move to appoint Jeff McMillan as the Head of Firmwide Artificial Intelligence reflects its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation. This initiative positions Morgan Stanley competitively against other financial institutions, demonstrating its proactive approach to leveraging AI for competitive advantage. With its history of embracing AI, including partnerships with OpenAI, Morgan Stanley showcases a forward-thinking stance in adapting to industry trends and technological advancements, potentially setting a precedent for its peers in the financial services sector.