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Unveiling the Top 10 AI Stocks to Invest in March 2023

The global artificial intelligence market is on the brink of an exciting expansion, with the anticipation of significant growth in the coming months. Various industries are experiencing an increased demand for technology, catalyzing the surge in the artificial intelligence sector.

Rising Demand Driving AI Market Growth

The surge in the artificial intelligence market’s expansion is attributed to the heightened demand for technology across diverse industries. As businesses continue to integrate advanced technological solutions into their operations, the artificial intelligence sector is poised for remarkable growth.

Investment in AI Applications and Advancements

Companies are actively investing in the development and enhancement of artificial intelligence applications. Additionally, efforts are being made to enhance accessibility to AI technology, further bolstering the market’s growth trajectory for AI stocks throughout March 2023 and beyond.

1. Microsoft Corporation: Empowering with AI

Microsoft Corporation has emerged as a key player in the AI market with its AI-powered Bing for the telecom’s app Skype. Forecasts indicate a promising trajectory with expected EPS growth in the upcoming quarters. Factors contributing to this projection include fewer comparisons, higher prices, reduced foreign currency headwinds, and optimized operational costs. The company’s strategic refinements in cloud and gross margin models are expected to facilitate the achievement of Q3 goals.

2. Amazon.com: A Multifaceted Approach to AI

Amazon.com’s influence spans various domains, including e-commerce, cloud computing, internet ads, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Through its subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company offers a comprehensive suite of machine learning and AI services tailored to diverse business needs. Boasting a Q4 revenue of $149.2 billion, an 8.6% year-on-year increase, Amazon.com has exceeded Wall Street expectations, reaffirming its strong position in the market.

3. Meta Platforms: Charting Growth Trajectories

Meta Platforms, recognized for its Meta Certified feature introduced to Instagram and Facebook, is set for a remarkable journey. Analysts predict a potential subscriber base of 12 million by the end of 2023 or early 2024. Despite some constraints, Meta Platforms is expected to outshine its competitors due to its expansive audience reach and enhanced income prospects for content creators.

4. NVIDIA Corporation: Scaling New Heights

NVIDIA Corporation has witnessed a surge in its stock value, reaching $300 from $245 following the announcement of impressive results for the January quarter. The company’s steadfast commitment to innovation and technological advancement positions it as a strong contender in the AI sector.

5. Accenture plc: Insights and Recommendations

Analysts, including Jeff Cantwell from Wells Fargo, hold a favorable view of Accenture plc’s platform and services. This sentiment is reflected in an Equal Weight recommendation with a price objective of $289, issued on January 30.

6. Intel Corporation: Balancing Risk and Reward

Morgan Stanley’s analyst upgraded Intel Corporation’s rating from Underweight to Equal Weight, accompanied by a price objective adjustment to $28. Despite recent underperformance and dividend adjustments, the company envisions a balanced risk-reward scenario at current share levels.

7. International Business Machines Corporation: Dividend and Innovation

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) remains a prominent player in the AI landscape. IBM’s announcement of a consistent quarterly dividend of $1.65 per share underscores its stability and innovation within the sector.

8. Baidu: Surpassing Expectations

Baidu, Inc., reported robust financials in Q4, with non-GAAP EPADS reaching $2.21, surpassing market expectations by $0.16. The company’s revenue of $4.8 billion exceeded estimates by $170 million, solidifying its presence in the AI market.

9. SentinelOne: Navigating Adjustments

Wells Fargo’s analyst, Andrew Nowinski, recalibrated his assessment of SentinelOne, Inc. The downgrade from Overweight to Equal Weight was accompanied by a price objective of $18.

10. EPAM Systems: Sustaining Momentum

Barclays maintains an Overweight rating on EPAM Systems, Inc., while adjusting the price objective to $380 from $400 ahead of the Q4 earnings release. The company continues to exhibit promising momentum within the AI sector.