AI Tool CognoSpeak: Detecting Early Dementia with Virtual Agents

CognoSpeak is an innovative AI tool developed by researchers at the University of Sheffield to diagnose dementia and Alzheimer's more efficiently.

The tool utilizes virtual agents and cognitive tests to engage patients in assessments of language and speech patterns.

It has shown an accuracy rate of 90% in distinguishing Alzheimer's patients from cognitively healthy individuals during initial trials.

CognoSpeak can be accessed through a web browser, allowing patients to take the test at home, reducing the burden on assessment services.

The tool is being extensively tested across UK memory clinics, aiming to involve 700 participants with the support of a £1.4 million grant from the NIHR.

By using artificial intelligence and speech technology, CognoSpeak analyzes language and speech patterns to detect early signs of dementia.

CognoSpeak's accessibility via web browser eliminates the need for pen-and-paper assessments, reducing stress and anxiety for patients.

The researchers behind CognoSpeak, Dr. Dan Blackburn and Professor Heidi Christensen, aim to speed up assessments, reduce waiting times, and ensure early access to specialist care.

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