Blending Artistry: AI-Assisted Songs Now Qualify for Grammys

The Recording Academy now allows music featuring artificial intelligence to be eligible for Grammys. However, only the portions of the music created by humans will be considered for awards.

Songs written by AI but performed by humans can be nominated for performance categories but not for songwriting awards.

The Recording Academy wants technology to enhance and complement human creativity, not replace it.

AI is gaining prominence in the entertainment world, with examples such as AI-created opening credits for the Marvel series "Secret Invasion."

Modern technology enabled the creation of a never-before-heard Beatles record using AI and John Lennon's voice.

Paul McCartney sees both positive and potentially scary aspects of artificial intelligence in music production.

The Recording Academy's stance on AI eligibility for Grammys followed recent discussions in the past six months.

The eligibility of the upcoming Beatles record, made possible by AI, for the 2024 Grammys is uncertain.  Components of the AI-driven creation described by McCartney may be eligible for Grammy consideration.

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