Vietnam Requires Facebook, Google, and YouTube to Implement AI Systems for Filtering 'Toxic' Content

The regulations imposed by Vietnam on social media companies are already strict.

Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok have been urged by Vietnam to collaborate with authorities in eradicating offensive, false, and anti-state content.

The mid-year review event hosted by Vietnam's information ministry revealed the public issuance of such an order for the first time.

Facebook removed 2,549 posts, YouTube removed 6,101 videos, and TikTok took down 415 links in response to government requests.

Southeast Asian nations are working on governance and ethics guidelines for AI alongside Vietnam's announcement.

Vietnam has previously introduced regulations targeting foreign social media platforms to combat disinformation and require data storage within Vietnam.

TikTok's local operations in Vietnam were found to have several violations during a recent examination.

Netflix has submitted the necessary documents to establish a local office in Vietnam, according to the information ministry.

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