The Threat to Artists' Livelihoods: AI Voice Cloning and Exploitative Contracts

Voice actors and performance artists are facing threats to their livelihoods as generative AI technology advances.

Artists are discovering their voices being used without their knowledge or consent through AI cloning.

Exploitative contracts, data scraping methods, and scams are eroding artists' rights and work.

 The trade union Equity has received complaints about AI scams and exploitation in the performing arts industry.

Voice data scraping is used to create AI models, replacing the need for human performers.

Actors are encountering fake castings and contracts with AI synthesization clauses that exploit their voice data.

AI companies are benefiting financially from the creative sector, leading to a transfer of resources.

Current legislation offers little protection for performers against the unauthorized use of their voices and likeness.

AI voice companies, such as Revoicer, purchase voice data from platforms like IBM for commercial purposes.

Calls are being made for new rights to be encoded into the law, including time-limited contracts and explicit consent for AI cloning.

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