Top 10 AI Websites that can ease your life

DeepSwap: A top AI website that uses deep learning to swap faces in pictures and videos, creating convincing results. First-time subscribers receive a 50% discount. Access ChatGPT's powerful chatbot functionality on your smartphone via WhatsApp, offering versatile writing support for a fee, currently available on Android and soon on iOS. Utilize generative AI algorithms on this website to animate photos and create talking avatars. An affordable option for those looking to produce engaging video content. Create royalty-free music tracks with ease using AI on Users can customize genres, inputs, and preferences, with free, premium, and enterprise plans available. Empower businesses to build custom chatbots for online customer interactions. Easily deploy chatbots in applications and channels using this platform, simplifying online communication.

MidJourney AI: This AI tool generates visuals from text descriptions, potentially based on stable diffusion technology, providing a unique way to create visual content. Express ideas and generate original memes in over 110 languages using this website. Simply specify your subject and click "Generate" to create memes and search for existing ones.

Glasp: A free Chrome Extension that helps you capture and curate internet information with highlighting options, allowing easy sharing on platforms like Twitter, Teams, and Slack.

CodeFormer: Restore low-quality face images with this AI model, predicting the code for the face and enhancing photos for free. An AI-powered tool that quickly removes translucent watermarks from images, suitable for personal and professional use worldwide.