Top 10 High-End AI Apps to try in 2023

Siri - Apple's private digital assistant, available on iOS platforms, interacts quickly with users, offering voice-based AI assistance.

Google Assistant - A versatile AI app assisting with various tasks, compatible with a range of smart devices and accessible anytime.

Amazon Alexa - A popular AI assistant that simplifies life through voice commands, controlling external devices like music and lighting.

ELSA - English Language Speech Assistant, a world-class English pronunciation app that helps users speak English clearly and confidently.

Replika - A cutting-edge AI app for virtual companionship, allowing users to engage in open conversations with a computer-generated persona.

Cortana - Microsoft's AI assistant connected to Bing, uses natural language for tasks like meetings and schedule updates.

Robin - Ideal for car travelers, Robin is a versatile AI app that provides weather, news, traffic, and more information via voice commands.

Youper - An AI mental health support app that coaches behavior and helps users accurately understand their feelings and moods.

Edison Assistant - Offers real-time traffic updates and route planning, as well as contact organization and event booking features.

Google Allo - An AI messaging app with voice messaging, stickers, and emoticons, capable of learning user behavior for text suggestions and offering an anonymous mode.