Top 10 Quantum Computing Companies to Watch

1. Google: A major leader in quantum computing, Google has developed one of the world's most powerful quantum computers named "Bristlecone."

2. IBM: IBM is another key player in quantum computing, offering the "IBM Q" quantum computer through the IBM Cloud, along with various quantum software and services.

3. Rigetti Computing: Specializing in quantum processors and software, Rigetti Computing has created the potent "Aspen" quantum computer.

4. IonQ: IonQ excels in trapped ion quantum computers and boasts one of the most powerful quantum computers available today.

5. D-Wave Systems: D-Wave Systems specializes in quantum annealing computers and has designed the powerful "2000Q" quantum computer.

6. Alibaba: Alibaba is actively involved in quantum computing and quantum communication technologies, with the powerful "Jiuzhang" quantum computer and a cloud service for quantum computing.

7. Xanadu: Xanadu focuses on photonic quantum computers and provides quantum software and services, along with a prototype quantum computer.

8. Honeywell: Honeywell is a major leader with the "H0" quantum computer, offering a range of quantum software and services.

9. Zapata Computing: Zapata Computing specializes in quantum software, offering services like a quantum compiler and a quantum programming language.

10. Cambridge Quantum Computing: This company concentrates on quantum software and provides services such as a quantum compiler and a quantum programming language.