Top 7 AI Tools that Read PDF and Answer Questions

PDFgear Chatbot Free, efficient PDF summarizer for Windows and Mac, with offline functionality. Pricing: Free

ChatGPT Powerful AI for PDF text parsing, provides succinct answers, additional features require ChatGPT Plus subscription. Pricing: Free / $20 USD per month

ChatPDF Freemium tool for interactive PDF chat with multi-language support, occasional inferred information. Pricing: Free

Jasper Multilingual PDF summarizer with history, ideal for handling multiple documents efficiently. Pricing: Free

TLDR This Quick, no-sign-up tool for summarizing articles with a user-friendly interface. Pricing: Free

QuillBot Web-based paraphraser and summarizer, allows adjustable summary length, provides unique content. Pricing: Free

Scholarcy Innovative flashcard tool for interactive learning from various text sources, beneficial for students. Pricing: Free

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