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AI Exploration: Trying Out 8 Crazy Experiments Online

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is like a smart friend that’s becoming more important in our daily lives. We all need to try to check our searches using AI algorithms. From recommending movies on various platforms to predicting our everyday weather, traffic, etc. on our daily substitute. Nowadays, most cars are using self-driving which means using a virtual assistant to drive them.

According to the statistics,  97% of mobile users use AI-powered voice assistants. Here, more than 4 billion devices already work with AI-powered voice assistants.  Every day, about half of the population uses voice search on their gadgets. However, some AI experiments have become crazy for everyone. Here are eight crazy AI experiments that you can try online:

AI Duet: AI Duet is like a smart friend who helps you with your work on the computer. Initially introduced at the Google I/O developer conference in May 2023, it’s now integrated into Google’s Workspace apps. This software helps several users by providing an AI assistant. Mainly, it focused on the developers and data scientists. This app is embedded with several Google Cloud products. It is primarily used to write code and help teams build, and deploy. If you want to make a website or a game, then this AI duet is one of the best choices. 

  • Automating tasks: Duet AI can handle repetitive operations like data entry and analysis. This can allow employees to focus on more strategic tasks. 
  • Improving accuracy: Duet AI can help reduce errors by detecting faults in data and code. This can help firms avoid costly mistakes.
  • Increasing efficiency: Duet AI can help organizations function more efficiently by making ideas and recommendations.

DeepArt: Ever wanted to turn your photos into artwork? Then DeepArt is the best choice because it uses AI to make your photo into stylish paintings such as those by Van Gogh and Picasso. 

Quick, Draw!: It is a Google-created online game in which users are challenged to draw a representation of an object or idea with artificial intelligence. Using the AI neural network, imitate what the drawings represent. If you are trying to teach your toddler, then this app is a fun way to learn objects by drawing them. 

Talk to Transformer: This is the coolest app that generates text using artificial intelligence. This application is one of the best AIs that generates human-like text, which is perfect for nonwriters. Because it will surprise others by writing like a human. 

AI Painter: This tool allows you to create abstract art using AI. This type of tool uses AI algorithms and models, like an advanced AI image generator. It automatically generates the visual art. The Magic Ingredient: These algorithms use something called neural networks (fancy name, right?). It enables machines to understand patterns, styles, and artistic elements. AI painters allow them to create unique pieces of art without human intervention. No Human Required: Yep, you heard it right. There is no need for a beret-wearing artist with a palette.

Semi-Conductor: Think of semiconductors as the brain and memory of AI. They’re like the powerhouse that fuels AI algorithms. For instance, when it comes to recognizing images, AI needs some serious muscle—like how we need a strong cup of coffee to tackle a big task in the morning!

NSynth: It is nothing but a neural synthesizer. Imagine having a magical tool that lets you mix musical notes like a skilled composer. With this magical AI-powered creation, you become the composer of your symphony. Imagine weaving harmonies and melodies together, crafting entirely fresh sounds that dance through the air. It’s like having a secret musical laboratory where you experiment with the unexpected, blending notes like a sorcerer.

AI-Powered Body Swap: DeepFaceLab, Faceswap, and Avatarify are three of the most popular AI technologies for face switching. DeepFaceLab, as well as programs like Body-Swap-App, can be used to perform body swapping. Changing backgrounds in movies can be done well with applications such as Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Camtasia; however, these are not entirely AI-based. Additionally, certain AI-powered solutions, such as Runway ML and Reminiz, include background removal and replacement capabilities. Always utilize these tools wisely and ethically.

These experiments showcase the fun and creative side of AI. They allow us to interact with AI in new and exciting ways, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. So go ahead, give them a try, and embark on your own AI exploration journey!