Robotic Marvels: 8 Incredible Feats in Indian Movies That Left Us Stunned

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Indian cinema is a contrasting one because of the emotions in stories and characters. Due to reflecting our aspirations, dreams, and fears with society. In the cinematic universe, Metropolis was the first movie in 1927 to use artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Fritz Lang directed the German expressionist science-fiction film, and Thea von Harbou wrote it. It is the oldest movie and an example of AI and robotics in the whole cinema world.  Then Indian cinema started, became well known for using AI in their movies in 2010, and gifted us great movies. In this article, we can learn more about the 8 extraordinary movies made using AI and robotics technology in Indian cinemas. 

Source: Practical Guruji

Mr. X in Bombay (1964): This movie is one of the earliest Indian films, and it featured a robot. Pradyuman Bhardwaj directed “Mr. X in Bombay,” an Indian science fiction comedy movie, in 1964. In this film, Mr. X in Bombay is the one who tells the story of the scientist (Prof. Mathur). He creates a robot to assist him in his lab. At that time, this movie provided knowledge about robots. 

Jeans (1998): Shankar directed this Tamil-language science fiction romantic film. In this movie, there are interesting elements related to AI and robotics. The character Mano creates the AI interface Vaisu for the song “Kannodu Kanbathellam.” Mano operates the AI interface that allows Vaisu to dance in parallel with the real human. In this movie, for this particular song, they used AI technology for the visualization. 

Love Story 2050 (2008): This film is set in the future and combines romance, science fiction, and time travel, creating uniqueness in this movie. A scientist named Dr. Yatinder Khannain built a time machine. In this film, the heroine wishes to do time travel. By accident, she died, and then Dr. Yatinder, the hero and heroine’s sibling, traveled forward through the date and time. Then they reach Mumbai in 2050. After a wild attempt was made using the time machine, they tried to return the heroine to 2008. Here, the director used robotic and AI elements in futuristic Mumbai, with its flying cars, holograms, robots, and towering buildings. 

Action Replayy (2010): Vipul Shah directed this film, which features a time machine, showcasing the potential of technology to manipulate time. The hero tries to time-travel because of his parents. Due to the arranged marriage, their parents always argue, and to resolve this, the hero tries time travel. After that, he tried to make their parents a lovely couple, and he returned in 2010. The major element of AI is time travel. 

Enthiran (2010): In 2010, S. Shankar directed ‘Enthiran,’ also known as ‘Robot,’ which became a landmark in Indian cinema. In this movie, a human creates the Andro-humanoid robot, Chitti. The robot specification is a speed one terahertz, and the memory is Giza bite. And also well versed in every language and excellent in everything like martial arts, cooking, drawing, etc. The major role of the robot Chitti is to support the military in replacing the human dead in the army battling with other countries. Chitti’s journey is working as an obedient machine, which means we need to give input correctly so that we can get the proper response from the chitti. Artificial Intelligence Research and Development (AIRD) evaluated him. The military tests rejected Robert Chitti because he lacked only human emotions. Later, after interacting with humans, they gain knowledge about emotions. After that, the humans try to teach the humans emotions, and then the AI gets knowledge about everything. After this incident, he became a perfectly human emotion robot.

Ra.One (2011): Anubhav Sinha, who directs this film. Ra.One is the video game villain who comes from the virtual world to the real world. He tries to destroy the G.One because he wants to rule the game world. This movie purely uses AI in gaming; it gives us goosebumps. 

Krrish 3 (2013): Rakesh Roshan, the director of the third installment in the Krrish series, introduces a villain who employs advanced technology and robotics to build an army of superhumans. Robotics can help shape our future if they are used in high-tech gadgets like those they use.

2.0 (2018): The sequel to Enthiran, 2.0 takes the concept of robotics and AI to a new level. This film introduced the different aspects of discarded cell phones. Using AI and robots, this movie was taken as a Marvel one. Which have adverse effects on birds and the environment. The e-waste mobile can emit radiation from the mobile tower. This film mainly focuses on the radiation from cell phone towers that can cause harmful radiation to the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) using AI and robotics. 

Android Kunjappan Version 5.25 (2019): Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval directed this movie, and it is an Indian Malayalam-language science fiction comedy-drama film. In this movie, the stubborn old man and his son, a Russian mechanical engineer, are gifted a robot named Kunjappan. This robot is the one who takes care of the old man. 

These are the 8 incredible robotic and AI-influenced movies, and each movie has a unique way of entertaining us.