allganize ceo changsu lee

aiTech Trend Interview with Changsu Lee, Founder, and CEO of Allganize, Inc.

Tell us how you came to be the CEO of Allganize

Before becoming CEO and founder of Allganize, I had previously founded another company that utilized deep learning and process automation to develop an advanced analytics platform geared for mobile developers. The success of that company allowed for an acquisition in 2014. With my serial entrepreneur mindset, I founded Allganize in 2017 with the vision to use technology to enhance people’s lives. Combining my expertise in natural language processing, I was able to develop an artificial intelligence solution meant to automate business workflows.

What are some of the industrial sectors that caters to?

We’re working with insurance, finance, manufacturing, and tech companies. Our AI platform assists employees to find answers from tens of millions of unstructured text documents and automating document processing. Some happiest customers reported to us that they saved 40 hours per month per agent by adopting our AI to their system for customer support representatives.

Can you highlight some key features of Allganize?

Allganize AI provides solutions catered towards delivering exceptional customer and employee support. Alli answer bot is a customer self-service tool used to automate over 80% of customer support tickets by instantly finding answers from a company’s entire knowledge base in under 5 seconds.

On the employee support side, Allganize AI is integrated with existing business tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, to alleviate inquiries from HR & IT departments, automatically assisting employees with any questions they may have.

We make it easy for businesses to deploy our AI solutions immediately, without any coding required or the need to manually tag data. Allganize has the best-in-class accuracy upon immediate deployment.

AI always needs data. Well labeled data. But these data are very scarce and expensive. Thus, Allganize has been focusing on self-supervised learning technology that automatically creates labeled training data from unlabeled data. There are tons of unlabeled data in enterprises, but not labeled data. So, how to utilize these unlabeled data is critical for the AI project’s success in enterprises.

Can you identify a top trend for conversational AI moving into 2021?

Conversational AI for customer support still needs a human in the loop. It’s not 100% self-service yet. A top trend for conversational AI moving into 2021 would be how to minimize human involvement.

1) Active and timely instantiation from the bot to the end-user

2) memory-based conversation would be a big trend for 2021.

What are some of the distinctive features of that differentiate you from your competitors?

Allganize is unique in the fact that there is absolutely no manual data tagging, freeing up time for data scientists to work on larger tasks.

Once company documents are uploaded to the FAQs, Allganize AI will automatically tag the data, enabling the ultimate ease of use. Combined with the fact that Allganize already has pre-built integrations, businesses can deploy the solution immediately with their existing business tools.

Also, Allganize went head-to-head with competitors to analyze the accuracy of the AI and Allganize came out ahead with an over 96% accuracy rate.

Can you provide other scenarios of how can assist end-users?

Allganize AI has a document intelligence solution that allows automation for document processing. The AI can automatically identify and classify keywords into specific categories, enabling documents to be processed immediately. Simply specify the type of information that you want to be tagged and Allganize will do the rest.

Another feature of Allganize’s document intelligence solution is the ability to automatically extract specified entities within documents. This is useful for documents such as forms, to be able to extract only the data needed, without having a human do repetitive work.

Can you give us a sneak peek into some of the upcoming product upgrades that your customers can look forward to?

Something to keep a lookout for in our upcoming announcements is a true automation solution. We have listened to our customers to continue to develop the product to meet their needs. As our vision is to be a leader in natural language processing by automating business workflows, this upcoming product upgrade will be a powerful solution that our customers will be able to take advantage of. Stay tuned for our announcement!

How do you keep pace with the rapidly growing AI Solutions product for businesses?

Existing customers provide us best insights on where the AI products move forward to. And I like to stay up to date with the evolving AI industry through news updates and podcasts.

In terms of keeping our AI products competitive, we value the feedback from our customers and continue to evolve our solutions to make the best user experience possible.

What is that one quote that has stayed with you throughout your professional life?

It’s better to make slow progress than no progress.

Chinese Proverb

Bio for Changsu Lee CEO at Allganize, Inc.

Changsu Lee is the CEO and founder of Allganize Inc., where he developed a proprietary, powerful AI solution that utilizes natural language understanding to automate business workflows. An expert in deep learning, process automation, and analytics, Changsu previously was the CEO of 5Rocks, an advanced analytics platform geared for mobile developers. With a significant number of game developers adopting the 5Rocks platform, the company was successfully acquired by Tapjoy in 2014. During his tenure at Tapjoy, Changsu held an executive position as Senior Vice President of Platforms, where he managed the analytics platform for mobile App’s different life cycles. Changsu holds a Masters’s Degree in Computer Science, specializing in natural language processing, at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. In his free time, Changsu enjoys learning new languages as a hobby, resulting in his ability to speak 5 different languages.

Bio for Allganize, Inc.

Allganize helps enterprises automate answering questions from a myriad of unstructured text documents. Its applications include assisting service representatives in customer support centers, enhancing the search experience on the website and mobile app for end-users, providing customer support chatbots, and extracting important entities from text contracts for underwriters and agents. Unlike its competitors in the enterprise AI space, Allganize’s proprietary technology does not require any manual data tagging, making it very quick to implement while providing best-in-class results accuracy. By adopting Allganize, it is proven that an agent can handle 3X – 5X more tickets per day as the AI is capable of answering 50% – 80% of questions automatically.

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