AppyHigh Unveils Revolutionary Generative AI App Bundle

AppyHigh, one of India’s leading app publishers with an impressive track record of over 570 million downloads, has unveiled a groundbreaking generative AI-driven productivity and creativity bundle tailored for solopreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

This unprecedented offering from AppyHigh brings together an array of AI-powered tools, including an AI image generator, AI Photo Editor, chat assistant, Avatar maker, VPN, and Camera Scanner, all integrated into a single, user-friendly platform. The mission behind this launch is to make top-tier technology accessible to everyone, with AppyHigh pricing this comprehensive toolbox at a fraction of the cost of similar applications. Moreover, AppyHigh Prime subscription grants users unrestricted access to the premium features of more than 12 flagship apps developed by AppyHigh, including innovative Generative AI applications such as:

  • Imagine Go: Empowering users with AI-driven image generation, avatar creation, and art templates.
  • Pixel Go: A sophisticated AI photo editor and enhancer.
  • Mage AI: A GPT-powered chat personal assistant.

The bundle also includes various other productivity apps like Instore, Scanner Go, Pulpy VPN, AppLock Go, and Browser Go.

At the core of AppyHigh Prime lies a simple belief: that everyone should have access to the best technology solutions. Whether you are a designer, photographer, retailer, seller, student, gamer, a solopreneur building a brand, or a small business striving to optimise operations, AppyHigh Prime is your ultimate toolkit.

“Generative AI products have the potential to boost productivity and outcomes by tenfold in numerous fields. However, the key factors that drive success in this realm are exceptional customer support and the delivery of high-quality products. Today, we take pride in AppyHigh’s achievement of creating a globally recognized product, available at just a third of the price,” remarked Venus Dhuria, Co-Founder of AppyHigh and Partner at VedaVC.

For a nominal fee of USD 299, users gain one year of unlimited access to all premium features of the participating apps, which can be conveniently accessed at

“At AppyHigh, we leverage cutting-edge modular technology to craft exceptional apps and provide unmatched user experiences. Our app boasts an impressive rating of 4.3 stars, outshining similar apps in the industry. With our commitment to instant customer support, we are truly dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our valued users,” emphasised Aneesh Rayancha, Co-Founder of AppyHigh.

Furthermore, AppyHigh Prime offers app developers the unique opportunity to showcase their creations to a wider audience, generating revenue and gaining visibility among a premium user base.

About AppyHigh
Founded in 2018 by Venus Dhuria and Aneesh Rayancha, AppyHigh is a mobile internet technology company that has introduced over 15 chart-topping applications. Pioneering a thriving ecosystem of Productivity and Utility Apps, AppyHigh has achieved an impressive 570 million downloads and consistently ranks among the top 10 Indian publishers for five years running. Notably, AppyHigh has also developed Phot.AI, a Generative AI-powered design tool enabling seamless online image creation, modification, and enhancement.

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