Artificial Intelligence In Retail: The Future Is Now

To be competitive today, retailers need to respond to their customers like never before while avoiding waste and inefficiency in their operations. You can get the data there, but it takes some serious insight to understand the volume. What is AI? According to Tech Radar, AI is “an overarching term for machines that can perform […]Read More

Beacons Technology in Retail: The Next Revolution in Marketing

Beacons are small, battery-operated wireless devices that transmit Bluetooth signals to nearby smartphones. They are one of the latest innovations in proximity marketing. In retail, beacons can reach customers who have Bluetooth enabled and the right retail apps downloaded onto their phones. What is a Beacon? A beacon is a small Wi-Fi-connected, battery-operated electronic device. […]Read More

How IoT Will Change Fashion Retail Forever

IoT is impacting the fashion industry quite significantly in different sectors. The very way we dress is changing. What are IoT and its impact on the Fashion Industry? The introduction of IoT is already taking different effects in the Fashion Industry. However, the biggest challenge now will be to understand how it can impact the […]Read More

aiTech Trend Interview with Anya Ozmen, CEO at Redko

Tell us how you came to be the CEO of Redko. I started Redko about a year ago in the midst of the quarantine. It was always my dream to have a business. During the quarantine, I had a quarter-life crisis and thought I needed to stop waiting and start my company. My boyfriend at […]Read More

Breaking Big Tech’s A.I. monopoly with the Multiverse™ Developer Ecosystem;

The Multiverse™ is a machine-learning platform that empowers more people to easily build and deploy decentralized A.I. applications with their own custom tokens and decentralized economic systems. “Machine learning artificial intelligence (A.I./ML) will become the most important technological force in society. It’s critical that it is decentralized to allow more people to participate, but no one […]Read More

aiTech Trend Interview with Rado Kotorov, CEO at Trendalyze

Tell us how you came to be the CEO of Trendalyze. I co-founded Trendalyze Inc. in September 2014. The company was initially registered in London where the other co-founder was based. Initially, I was involved only part-time doing primarily product design as I had a full-time job at Information Builders Inc (a leading Data Management […]Read More