K2 Medical Research Join Forces with Magruder Eye Institute to Advance Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Accessibility Through RetiSpec’s AI-Driven Eye Test

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — K2 Medical Research, a privately-owned clinical research facility in the greater Orlando area, has teamed up with Magruder Eye Institute and RetiSpec in a research pilot to enhance access to clinical trials. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to study how leveraging RetiSpec’s cutting-edge AI technology as a trial pre-screening tool at Magruder Eye Institute can ultimately reduce the time required to identify and recruit eligible candidates for clinical trials.

Retispec - Imaging machine
Retispec – Imaging machine
RetiSpec Logo
RetiSpec Logo

K2 Medical Research, renowned for its expertise in managing and conducting clinical trials, brings valuable insights and support to the research collaboration. RetiSpec, a leading innovator in advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is developing a tool for early detection of neurological diseases through a simple eye exam. The partnership with Magruder Eye Institute, a distinguished eye care institution known for its commitment to patient care and cutting-edge research, signifies a pivotal step toward expanding the reach of clinical trials within eye care settings.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing medical research and improving the accessibility of clinical trials,” says Sean Stanton, Founder of K2 Medical Research. “We are excited to work alongside Magruder Eye Institute and RetiSpec, combining our expertise to address the challenges in identifying and recruiting eligible candidates for clinical trials efficiently.”

Magruder Eye Institute has always been at the forefront of innovation in eye care,” says Dr. John Lehr, MD, President and Medical Director of Magruder Eye Institute, “The eye provides a unique window to the brain, and RetiSpec’s technology may offer us unprecedented insights into understanding what’s happening in the brain years before symptoms begin. This collaboration holds the potential to redefine how we approach Alzheimer’s research and pave the way for early detection and intervention strategies.”

Clinical trials play a pivotal role in advancing medical research and developing innovative treatments. However, one of the significant challenges in this process is the time-consuming and often labor-intensive task of identifying suitable participants. RetiSpec’s AI technology could offer a transformative solution by streamlining the pre-screening process, allowing for quicker and more efficient identification of potential candidates.

“This collaboration will evaluate how integration of RetiSpec’s AI technology into a pre-screening process at Magruder Eye Institute can enhance trial efficiency and accessibility, making clinical trials more available to a broader range of individuals and fostering inclusivity in medical research,” explains Sean Stanton. “Ultimately, through the synergy of K2 Medical Research’s clinical trial expertise, Magruder Eye Institute’s commitment to pioneering eye care, and RetiSpec’s AI capabilities, the research collaboration aims to contribute to advancements in clinical trial innovation and the development of new pathways to accelerate therapeutic breakthroughs.”

About RetiSpec:

RetiSpec is a Toronto-based medical AI company that aims to enable widespread early and accurate detection of neurodegenerative disease markers through a simple eye exam. Built on RetiSpec’s AI solution, we leverage existing retinal imaging cameras available in most eye clinics to provide real-time results at the point of care — this means that the experience is familiar and comfortable. Our first clinically validated AI is intended to predict amyloid burden to aid in the evaluation of individuals for Alzheimer’s disease. RetiSpec’s technology is currently available for Research Use Only. For more information on RetiSpec, visit retispec.ai

About K2 Medical Research:

K2 Medical Research is a leading clinical research organization dedicated to advancing medical science through the efficient and ethical conduct of clinical trials. With a focus on quality and innovation, K2 Medical Research partners with industry stakeholders to drive medical advancements. For more information on K2 Medical Research, visit k2med.com

About Magruder Eye Institute:

Magruder Eye Institute is a renowned eye care institution committed to delivering exceptional patient care and advancing the field of ophthalmology through cutting-edge research. With a team of skilled professionals, Magruder Eye Institute has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive eye care solutions for over 50 years. For more information on Magruder Eye Institute, visit magrudereye.com

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