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Nuvve Introduces Artificial Intelligence Into Its GIVe™ Software Platform Via Integration Into the FleetBox® Charge Management App

AI will help reduce charging costs and improve the customer experience by advancing fleet vehicle forecasting with improved trip automation recommendations and enhanced scheduling predictions

SAN DIEGO, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As a global vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology leader, Nuvve is pioneering the introduction of artificial intelligence into its software platform for fleets through an integration with Astrea AI®.

Astrea AI makes the power of AI available to the Nuvve GIVe™ platform and its customers. Its purpose-built AI is fully integrated into the latest release of Nuvve’s FleetBox® charge management app which customers use to manage routes, battery state of charge, charging status, charging equipment and reports. Customers can opt-in to access the enhanced functionality powered by Astrea AI, improving the customer experience while potentially further reducing charging costs and increasing V2G revenue opportunities. 

“This innovation in AI-assisted charge management will help V2G become ubiquitous.” – Gregory Poilasne, Nuvve CEOTweet this

“This innovation in AI-assisted charge management will help V2G become ubiquitous by making the technology even easier to use, more accurate and financially rewarding,” said Nuvve CEO Gregory Poilasne. “While Nuvve’s fleet customers are focused on mission-critical tasks such as transporting students, managing municipal operations or maintaining advertising kiosks in a timely manner, Nuvve is lowering their total cost of ownership or generating revenue to make the most of their electric fleet investment.”

Astrea AI actively forecasts routes and the required state of charge for each vehicle in a customer’s fleet, which ensures Nuvve GIVe has more accurate and timely data to guide vehicle charging and discharging. For instance, fleet operators may assume all vehicles are on the road by 8 a.m. daily. However, Astrea AI recognizes that the exact daily departure time is 8:25 a.m., which totals to more than two hours per week or eight hours per month/per vehicle less driving time. Significant V2G revenue and charge management opportunities may be missed due to these discrepancies between human and AI forecasting, particularly in larger fleets.

Additionally, with Astrea AI, Nuvve customers do not have to manually enter their fleet schedules. This saves time and makes Nuvve’s overall charge management solution more convenient for fleet managers and transportation directors. It also improves accuracy by avoiding data entry errors that can throw off energy management. These errors can result in a lower (or higher) state of charge than is needed for routes. This integration will also enable advanced insights for fleet managers and operators, giving them visibility into the actual usage of their vehicles and infrastructure.

“We’re reaping the fruits of our strategic technology investments in AI and advanced forecasting over the past couple of years, allowing us to better understand our customers’ behavior and their E-mobility assets usage,” said Hamza Lemsaddek, Director of Embedded Solutions for Nuvve. “This not only allows us to optimize the V2G value we extract for them, but we can also provide insights into their vehicles and charging infrastructure utilization.”

In June, Nuvve launched its Astrea AI forecasting technology for the Nordic energy markets. Now, the company’s global fleet customers will also enjoy many of the same enhanced benefits provided by Nuvve’s AI technology. Access to Astrea AI and its features is available by request to select existing and new Nuvve customers. For more information or to sign up, please visit

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