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Infiot Emerges from Stealth with AI-Powered Intelligent Access for Remote-First

 Infiot emerged from stealth today with the industry’s first Intelligent Access platform, a cloud-delivered intelligent thin wireless edge that supports wired, wireless and cellular connectivity. Infiot’s Intelligent Edge converges connectivity, zero-trust security and edge-computing for remote users, sites and devices anywhere in the world. Infiot Intelligent Access platform is deployed in production with some of […]Read More

Maxim Integrated’s Neural Network Accelerator Chip Enables IoT Artificial Intelligence

MAX78000 reduces energy consumption and latency by a factor of over 100 to enable complex embedded inference decisions at the IoT edge The MAX78000 low-power neural network accelerated microcontroller from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) moves artificial intelligence (AI) to the edge without performance compromises in battery-powered internet of things (IoT) devices. Executing AI inferences at less […]Read More

How Augmented Reality impacts your Retail Sales?

With augmented reality in sales, you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process and train new sales professionals to introduce them to your products. Interactive digital content displayed in a live environment allows users to immediately understand the relevance and context of your products and services. This automatically results in faster decisions, […]Read More

Smart Shelves using IoT in Retail Store

As you walk down the aisles of a supermarket or department store, the digital display advertisements tailored to your previous shopping history. When store managers want to offer special prices, they don’t need to replace printed sales stickers. Instead, they update the digital display in real-time. This vision for future spending is becoming a reality […]Read More

Innovating Smart Store Technologies in Retail

The emergence of smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the retail landscape. This technology allows for smooth immersion and quick access to personalized settings. Retail success is no longer supported by best-selling stationery stores. Integrating retail stores into digital experiences is more important […]Read More

How will AR make the customer shopping experience easier?

Augmented Reality is a new trending technology that companies need to consider when planning their marketing. As the manufacturing market continues to expand, customers are becoming more demanding and demanding. Anyone who specializes in retail should recognize this new challenge. Companies not only need to think about ways to attract consumers, they also need to […]Read More

The Future of In-Store Retail is IoT

IoT is a way to bring the real world to the internet. Objects are embedded in sensors that can recognize and store data about them. This data can be accessed and operated by machines and applications connected to the same network. This is certainly a broad definition. However, it also offers a wide range of […]Read More

Retail Business Future with Help of IoT

Smart devices and IoT in retail are helping retailers improve the customer experience and drive more conversions by changing the way stores operate everyday. Energy management, theft prevention, in-store navigation and customer loyalty are some of the advantages of using IoT in retail. Read on to find out how. The possibilities related to retail are […]Read More

CoreKinect and Sequans Partner to Create Location Monitoring Solution Powered

US-manufactured tracking solutions at disruptive price points expand IoT opportunities Innovative tracking technology provides accurate indoor and outdoor location without GPS Industry-leading low power consumption extends battery life well beyond traditional GPS Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS), a leading maker of 5G/4G chips and modules for massive, broadband and critical IoT, and CoreKinect, a leader […]Read More

OleumTech® Announces the Release of Smart Pressure Transmitters

OleumTech®, a leading provider of wireless industrial automation and IoT solutions, today announced the addition of HGPT Smart Gauge Pressure Transmitters to its fast-growing H Series line of hardwired process instrumentation. The new OleumTech H Series Smart Pressure Transmitters (PT’s) deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and accuracy that is ideal for industrial markets including petrochemical, chemical, power, upstream oil […]Read More