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The Benefits of Robotics and How It’s Shaping Our Future

Today’s sensor-based revolution transforms robots from automated machines to cognitive collaborators. They have become an important link on a dynamic continuum that includes humans, other machines, and the digital environment in which they operate. The potential benefits of collaborating with sensor-controlled human robots are enormous. Examples range from protecting workers and increasing productivity to stimulating […]Read More

What The Future Holds For Robotic Surgery: What You Should

Initially, robotic surgery used to be combined with minimally invasive procedures performed through small incisions. However, with the development of technology and robotics in healthcare, it has reached a certain level of innovation; New trends such as robotic weapons and micro-robots are expanding the role of robots in industry. Although the high cost of surgical […]Read More

Robots and the Autonomous Retail

The commercial industry has developed and innovated over time. With the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics used in every sector, there are opportunities for greater digital transformation in retail. The leading innovation in retail will begin in the area of ​​public mass consumption. If you look carefully here, you will see the future […]Read More