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Top 50 Companies for Data Scientists 2024

List of 50 companies that are good for data scientists.

Data science is a field which is necessary for every industry as it helps organizations decode the data collected and incur valuable information from that data to make crucial decisions. So, let’s take a look at the top 50 companies for data scientists.

List of 50 companies For Data Scientist.

Here is the list of 50 companies.


Accenture is a professional services company in digital, cloud, and ad security. This company has to deal with the data of clients and other insights of the company.

Adani Group

Adani Group is another multinational company that has its services across many industries that provide services in various industries that generate lots of data that has to be managed. Hence a good opportunity for data scientists.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services also called TCS is a part of the most trusted group in India the Tata Group is into IT (Information Technology). This company also deals with data that has to be managed at various levels.


Another IT service company called Capgemini is a multinational company. As they are into various services that generate data. This is also a good space to work and gain experience as a data scientist.

Latent View Analytics

Latent View Analytics are into analytics and provide a 360-degree view of a digital consumer to their clients. This company is a good opportunity for data science people as it deals with data.


Microsoft is also a company that has opportunities for data scientists. Microsoft is into computer and mobile software services. They provide operating systems and AI technology and also game consoles for clients.


Another IT service company that provides jobs for data scientists. They are also into technology, consultancy services, and business process services. They also have opportunities for data scientists.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services also called AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that deals with data as it is in the service-providing sector. This also is a great company to work in learn new things and explore data science.


Airbus is a famous aeroplane manufacturing company for commercial, defence, and space. They are also into helicopter manufacturing. They also design aircraft and are a good company to join as a data scientist.


Adobe is a software service company that is famous for providing software for designing, viewing, and other solutions for computers and mobile phones. This company also deals with data generated from their software. 


Airbnb is an online renting and paying guest service that gives services across the world. This company has to deal with lots of data related to its business. 

Axis Bank

A financial service in India that also deals with data generated from account creation and other services for better services.


A digital communication technology company that is based in the US that deals with data generated from various services that they provide to their clients. 

Citi Group

Citi Group is another financial service company that has gained a reputation in India and is also a very good company for data scientists who have an interest in data related to finance and can gain experience in financial data management.

Colgate Palmolive

Colgate Palmolive deals in producing distributing and provision of healthcare, personal care products and also veterinary products. One of the famous products is Colgate toothpaste which is very successful in India.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is a firm that deals with the manufacturing of computers and peripherals. This company also deals with data generation for research.


An e-commerce company based in Bangalore is one of the leading e-commerce companies in India that deals with data of various brands as a crucial part of business.

HCL Technologies

Also called HCL Tech is also an IT consulting firm based in Noida. They are mainly into software services and are scattered across 52 countries with a large workforce to give the best services to their clients.

Polestar Solutions

Polestar is a data analytics and enterprise planning company that has many top brands as their clients and has a team of expert data analytics. 

Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics is also a data analytics company that helps global Fortune 100 companies in decision-making by using data and AI.

Aibots technologies LLP

This company is into providing AI bots and also into the domain of innovation and automation using AI. 

AI Storm

AI Storm is one of the largest CIS image sensor manufacturers in the world and a leading food equipment supplier that is owned by many best-known brands in the world. 

Antuit AI

Antuit AI has a large number of clients that include world-famous brands like Pepsi, GSK, Philips and many more brands so this company has a ton of data to deal with.

Bayer AG

Bayer AG is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company and is the largest pharmaceutical company and biomedical company in the world. 

Biz 2 Credit INC

This company is into financing platform for small businesses. This company provides direct funding to small businesses across the US. They also provide educational resources to the businesses to progress.

Bloom AI

Bloom AI is a modern intelligence layer that is equipped with AI-driven insights. The company’s main business is data science.

Blue Ocean

This company is also into data science, management and all things related to data using AI technology.


Google’s parent company Alphabet is a leading tech company that is into search engine and software solutions.


Walmart is a super departmental chain store working in the US and is in India as it has taken over Flipkart and thus has good opportunities for data scientists.


Databricks is a new company that focuses on academia and the open-source community. This company also have a good source of jobs.

JP Morgan & Chase Co

JPMorgan is a financial company and is also a multi-national company that uses data analysis to analyze patterns in their customers and pitch them accordingly.

The Math Company

This company is a hybrid company which deals with business consulting firms with the help of a customised AI enterprise.


This is a startup company that is a machine learning deployment firm that was recently acquired by Dataroot.

Resurface Labs

Resurface Labs is specialized in API security and its primary product is API management software. This firm allows to use of actual data for detecting threats and other malactivities in software.


Cropin is an earth observation and AI-led AgTech organization which uses data to do farming. It provides data to farmers for better farming.’


Sisense is a business intelligence software company that uses data modelling visualization, embedding, and connectivity capabilities for different departments and industries.

Sumo Logic

This is an innovative data analytics company that focuses on providing real-time analytics to empower digital businesses.

Cvis Analytics

This is also a data science software and consultancy company. This company helps organizations use their data to gain competitive advantage, fuel innovation, and boost customer engagement.


Alteryx is a leading IT service and consulting firm that helps clients solve business and societal problems using data analysis.


Unified is a social advertising services and solutions company that uses data to provide its service.


Teradata is another multi-cloud data company providing database and analytics software, products, and services. Their products help their clients to handle massive data workloads.


This company is a hybrid data cloud company that makes data and analytics easy and accessible for everyone.


This company focuses on insights for e-commerce companies and has many clients from Fortune 100 companies.


This is the world’s first data-to-everyone central platform which allows users to search, monitor, and analyze their data more efficiently.

Cubic Corporation

Cubic is an international provider of systems and solutions that address global defence markets.

Dassault Systemes

This is a firm that provides businesses and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. It uses data to design products that are focused on sustainable growth of the world.


This firm is a next-gen Global Data Science company that gives its clients valuable information from their data that are equipped with different modules.


Evalueserve is a business analytics provider that deals with mind + machine that provides large-scale data and knowledge and also an automation toolkit.


Gartner, Inc. is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. This company provides insights related to technology to its clients.

General Mills

General Mills is also a good company that has a wide range of opportunities that provide a great learning experience for any data scientist.

 This is the list of 50 companies that are good for data scientists. These companies are working in India and have a good reputation in their respective industries.