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Web.com Launches Two New Features for AI-Powered Domain Name and Website Content Creation

New AI offerings from one-stop web solutions provider designed to help small businesses thrive throughout the website building process

Web.com, the one-stop website solutions provider, today announced the launch of two new AI-powered features aimed at easing the domain creation and content generation processes, two of the first major steps in launching a website.

Entrepreneurs encounter many hurdles in the process to establishing an online presence. Identifying the right domain name and writing website content can be challenging and time-consuming upfront tasks for entrepreneurs, whether their businesses are already established or just starting out. Creating a strong identity, which includes selecting a high-quality domain, and generating all of the content that is needed for the homepage, product areas, company information, etc. are some of the hardest parts of building a website. Web.com’s AI Domain Name Generator and AI Writer were developed to remove some of these initial hurdles.

AI Domain Name Generator
Web.com’s AI Domain Name Generator is designed to help small business customers easily identify and purchase the perfect domain name for their websites. Traditionally brainstorming and manually searching for available domain names can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. By combining AI with our expertise and experience as one of the largest domain name providers in the world, Web.com offers small businesses a more efficient, creative and tailored approach to finding the best available and relevant domain names. A customer can provide a few words to describe their business, and the AI-powered Domain Name Generator gives the best ideas on domain names, significantly reducing the time and effort required to find a relevant domain name.

Suggestions are not keyword-driven, but idea-driven with the help of large language models, providing customers with a more diverse and creative array of options, leveraging relevant keywords that may have otherwise been overlooked.

AI Writer
AI Writer is Web.com’s new AI-powered content generator that lets customers create customizable copy for their website and other digital content aspects of their businesses.

Web.com’s AI Writer provides a strong starting point that is often needed. It was developed for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for an easy way to create content for their websites, social pages, blogs, product descriptions, and digital marketing campaigns without having to write it themselves. The AI-powered tool offers a variety of content prompts and interfaces depending on content needs, making it easy to tailor content to specific needs (e.g., emojis for social posts).

Other customizable elements include design tones, keywords, and multilingual content generation in over 10 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin, so creators can create websites even in a language they aren’t fluent in.

Thanks to the AI-powered capabilities of these tools, small businesses can maximize their time, give their businesses a strong digital home, and transform their ideas into professional content.

“Web.com offers more than 20 years of experience in helping businesses build and grow their online presences. AI Domain Name Generator and AI Writer are an outcome of our focus on simplifying the experience for customers and our commitment to bringing forward the best set of tools, all to reduce the complexity of succeeding online,” said Ed Jay, President of Newfold Digital, the parent company of Web.com. “With these AI features, entrepreneurs can choose the best domains for their business and create engaging content without being copywriting experts themselves. It’s like having a dedicated creative director or copywriter at your disposal.”

With their intuitive interfaces and versatile features, AI Domain Name Generator and AI Writer are standout tools in helping users launch their sites and produce copy for all their digital needs. They enable small business owners to personalize content and make updates as their business needs evolve.

To learn more about Web.com’s AI Domain Name Generator, please click here. For more information on Web.com’s AI Writer, please visit here.

About Web.com:
Web.com is a one-stop web solutions provider helping customers reach their online and commerce goals. In a connected world, Web.com’s mission is to be a one-stop-shop for consumers providing extensive product offerings and customized support. Web.com serves businesses of all sizes with an easy-to-use, eCommerce platform, website builder, and professional services team to help customers build a digital presence that delivers results. Learn more at www.web.com.

About Newfold Digital:
Newfold Digital is a leading web and commerce technology company serving nearly 7 million customers globally. Our portfolio of brands includes: Web.com, Bluehost, CrazyDomains, HostGator, Markmonitor, Network Solutions, Yoast and many others. We help customers of all sizes build a digital presence that delivers results. With our extensive product offerings and personalized support, we take pride in collaborating with our customers to serve their online presence needs. Learn more about Newfold Digital at Newfold.com.

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