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5 Must Read Books for Mastering Tableau

This article recommends five books that can help you master Tableau software.

Learning new software or skills for the betterment of your career has now become an essential process. This is for either gaining an edge over others or dealing with a new generation of team members. Cooperates require their employee to bring everything they have in their platter so that they know what they can do with their skills. They also require them to master new skills in no time so that can attain benefits from it. But, mastering a skill requires time and also correct guidance and approach towards it. There are numerous software available after offices have shifted to computers. Softwares that make work easier. To learn these software an employee has to be certified or go under on-the-job training. One such software is Tableau. Tableau is used by cooperates to scan large numbers of data and determine valuable information from it. Tableau has been in the market for decades and has clients like Amazon, Walmart, Adobe, and Cisco. It also has products like Desktop, Prep and Server that have helped its clients to decode data. To master such software takes time and luckily here is a list of five books that an analyst can read to achieve mastery in Tableau. So, let’s take a look at these books.

5 Must Read Books to Master Tableau

There are various books that claim to teach and guide analysts on how to use Tableau and decode even the most complex data structure in minutes. But, we have picked five of these books that are very good and have easy-to-understand language that may help an analyst to up their skill and also learn some new features of this amazing software. These books are best sellers and are widely read by analysts to understand the workings of Tableau. Let’s not waste much time and see these books.

Tableau Best Practices10.0 by Jenny Zhang

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If you have used Tableau before then this book by Zhang is a good read as it has ample real-life problems that can help you learn new things about this software. This book helps if you spend most of your time data analyzing and visualizing. It also guides you on how to connect to a ton of variety of data from cloud or local servers and blend this data in a fast and efficient way and also perform complex calculations like LOD and Table calculations. The problems mentioned in the book also have a step-by-step guide given by Tableau experts. This book is very helpful for analysts who want to upgrade their skills in data analytics and also for data enthusiasts.

Learning Tableau 10 Second Edition by Joshua N. Milligan


This book by Joshua N. Milligan is also a good book for analysts. In this book, the author has made sure that he has written everything he knows about this software and also mentioned instructions related to the features. It has a dedicated guide from scratch that is how to make a pie chart, bar chart, and tree maps and also an installation guide to various tools that the software has to offer to its users. It also has detailed information on different techniques used to tackle different challenges. The book also deals with how to effectively use data for storytelling and also how to get insights from data that can help the business to flourish. This book is very helpful to learn how to manage data and also derive insightful information that can help make crucial decisions for business growth. This book is good for beginners and also advanced-level data analysts.

Practical Tableau: 100 Tips, Tutorials, and Strategies from a Tableau Zen Master by Ryan Sleeper

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Ryan Sleeper is one of the most qualified Tableau consultants. In this book, he has given instructions about how Tableau works and has given numerous ways to derive insights from a large pile of data. This book is a good guide to understanding and working on Tableau. This book is as good as a manual for Tableau as it has everything an analyst should know while using Tableau and enjoy the full features of this software. It also has a step-by-step guide for every feature that is offered by Tableau for data analysis. This book also is a good read for people who want to become data analysts and want to learn this software and use it in the future.

Mastering Tableau by David Baldwin

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David Baldwin is also a prolific writer who has written many books that have helped employees enhance their skills in business intelligence for almost 17 years. In this book, he has shared his experience while using Tableau. For this software, he has focused on Tableau training by shedding light on developing, BI solutions, Project management, technical writing, and web and graphic design. He has also written a detailed guide on the new features introduced by Tableau in its new version. i.e. 10.0. The features that are introduced in this version consist of creative use of different types of calculations like row-level, and aggregate-level, and how this software is able to solve complex data visualization challenges put to it. He also guides the reader about the tools offered by Tableau and helps them understand the tools of this software. The book has a systematic approach to training its reader to use Tableau as it starts from basic level training of features and then slowly moves towards advanced tools that include calculations, R integration parameters and sets and also data blending techniques.

Tableau 10: Business Intelligence Cookbook by Donabel Santos

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This book is also a good pick for analysts and people who want to pursue a career in data analysis. This book also covers all practical cases but with a different approach. It has arranged cases from basic level to advanced level cases to make the readers understand each and every tool in Tableau and also ensure that the readers are getting practical experience too. The book also involves a step-by-step guide to creating basic and advanced charts and also an attempt to make the Tableau interface familiar to its readers. It also guides the readers on how to create effective dashboards and many other wonders about this software. As Santos itself is a data geek and has spent a lot of time around data she has tried to answer all the questions about Tableau in this book. She has also focused on the ratings of this book as the better the rating more it sells so this book is packed with some valuable tips and tricks that an analyst of any level can use and master this software. This book is very helpful to up your skills and learn new things about Tableau.

These are the top five books that are recommended to master Tableau in no time. But, reading and keeping it aside will not help as to master skills one needs to practice whatever they have learned and hone that skill with time. These books will give you information that you require but mastering Tableau is ultimately in your hands. If you keep practicing the tips and tricks given by these experts then you can master it and also get appreciation from your seniors and also have an edge over your peers. As one says perfect practice makes a man perfect.