BeyondMinds Launches 10-Week AI Production Guarantee

 BeyondMinds Launches 10-Week AI Production Guarantee

BeyondMinds, an artificial intelligence startup providing a universally applicable and easily adaptable turnkey AI platform, has announced the BeyondMinds AI Production Guarantee. The launch of this guarantee establishes the industry’s first-ever assured delivery of an initial production AI system deployed within 10 weeks for new customers.

Enabled by the company’s cloud-agnostic, enterprise-grade platform, the BeyondMinds AI Production Guarantee includes:

  • A 10-week delivery period for a customer’s first AI use case
  • Deployment on the customer’s preferred cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Review of KPIs before, during, and after deployment
  • Professional documentation of the use case
  • Single-tenant, dedicated client environment
  • Ongoing subscription to maintain the new AI system ensuring conformance to target KPIs that increase value over time

“In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, enterprises simply can’t afford to wait months, or even years, to successfully implement AI in the production environment. As an industry, we are all responsible for setting a higher standard,” stated BeyondMinds’ CEO and Founder, Rotem Alaluf. “We are leading this charge with our innovative AI platform, which uses a unique approach to operationalize AI systems in production, even when data is dynamic and noisy, ensuring that customers achieve extraordinarily fast production-grade AI and business value.”

The production guarantee is possible due the development of a modern, cloud-agnostic, enterprise-grade platform which delivers hyper-customized, explainable, sustainable, retrainable AI solutions. The BeyondMinds Platform was designed from the ground up to meet Enterprise AI requirements delivering the following:

  • Significantly faster time to production while exceeding industry benchmark results
  • Ability to work with extremely low amounts of labeled data
  • Adoption and improvement of human-machine collaboration using trust technologies
  • Solution management, monitoring and response UI to ensure increased value over time
  • Enterprise-grade system stabilization safeguards which continue to operate under extremely noisy, dynamic data scenarios
  • Cloud-agnostic architecture delivered on AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Single Tenant with dedicated Dev, QA and production environments per customer

BeyondMinds is accelerating the wide-scale adoption of AI by enabling companies to successfully overcome the challenges that have prevented AI from proceeding “beyond” theoretical proof-of-concept exercises to robust and resilient production deployments.

“Delivery efficacy and ROI in enterprise-level AI programs remains one of the market’s top critiques and challenges,” said Jim Francis, EVP Virtusa. “Our partnership is focused on providing speed, scalability and sustainable value in a company’s strategic AI investments.”

For more information about the BeyondMinds AI Production Guarantee or to check program eligibility, requirements, and restrictions, please go to


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