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Stay Informed: Top 12 Cybersecurity Newsletters to Subscribe to

Defending against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats requires constant vigilance and a proactive approach to security. A cybersecurity newsletter serves as a vital resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike, delivering timely updates, insights, and analysis on the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and security measures. These newsletters compile breaking news, expert commentary, and in-depth articles to keep subscribers informed about the latest vulnerabilities, breaches, and emerging trends in cybersecurity. By subscribing to a reputable cybersecurity newsletter, individuals gain access to valuable knowledge and resources that enable them to stay ahead of cyber threats, bolster their defenses, and navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with confidence. Whether it’s exploring best practices, learning from real-world case studies, or staying abreast of regulatory changes, cybersecurity newsletters play a crucial role in fostering awareness, collaboration, and preparedness within the global cybersecurity community. 

Here are the top 12 newsletters a reader should subscribe to stay informed about the latest updates of cybersecurity:  

  1. Security week:  

Forged from the same pioneering spirit that birthed the iconic, Security Weekly’s Daily Briefing stands as a beacon of insight and analysis in the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity. Owned by the visionary media empire behind one of the digital age’s most recognizable and influential brands, this formidable offering is a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence that has become synonymous with its parent company. The Daily Briefing is no mere compilation of news and events; it is a masterfully curated distillation of the most critical developments and emerging trends that shape the digital frontier. With a laser-sharp focus on the business-to-business and enterprise-level security landscapes, this indispensable resource offers a rare and invaluable perspective tailored to the unique challenges faced by those charged with safeguarding the digital fortresses of the modern corporate world. What sets Security Weekly’s Daily Briefing apart is its unwavering commitment to providing not just information but true understanding. Each carefully crafted briefing is a tapestry woven from the threads of expert analysis, insightful commentary, and a profound grasp of the intricate nuances that underpin the cybersecurity realm’s most pressing issues. Its writers are not mere scribes but seasoned veterans of the digital battleground, each word imbued with the hard-won wisdom of those who have witnessed firsthand the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats. Their insights cut through the noise and obfuscation, offering a clarity of vision that empowers readers to navigate the turbulent waters of enterprise security with confidence and precision. Yet, the true strength of Security Weekly’s Daily Briefing lies not merely in its content but in the pedigree of its creators. Born from the same creative wellspring that spawned the iconic, this offering is a testament to the power of innovation, a relentless pursuit of knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of cybersecurity journalism. In an era where the stakes of digital vulnerability have never been higher, Security Weekly’s Daily Briefing stands as a bulwark against ignorance and complacency, a clarion call to vigilance and preparedness. With each briefing, this formidable publication reinforces its position as an indispensable ally in the never-ending battle to secure the digital frontiers of the modern enterprise. 

  1. CSO 

CSO gives its readers news, analysis, and research on a broad range of security and risk management topics. Forged by the industry titans at IDG, CSO Online stands as a towering pillar of authority in the realm of cybersecurity intelligence. This formidable publication transcends mere news reporting, offering an unparalleled depth of analysis and research that illuminates the intricate landscape of security and risk management. 

With a legacy steeped in publishing excellence, CSO Online commands a level of respect and credibility that few can match. Its hallmark is an unwavering commitment to delivering insights that empower organizations to navigate the ever-shifting currents of cyber threats with confidence and precision. But CSO Online is more than just a repository of knowledge; it is a living, breathing ecosystem of information tailored to the unique needs of its discerning readership. Through its meticulously crafted subscription options, subscribers can customize their experience to align with their specific cadence and interests. For those who crave a constant stream of cybersecurity intelligence, the daily newsletter offers a wellspring of up-to-the-minute news and analysis, ensuring that readers remain ever-vigilant in the face of emerging threats. Alternatively, the twice-weekly summary distills the most crucial developments into a concise and digestible format, catering to the needs of the time-pressed professional. Yet, CSO Online’s offerings extend far beyond its flagship publication. By unlocking access to IDG’s vast network of industry-leading newsletters, subscribers gain a comprehensive and multifaceted view of the cybersecurity landscape, fortified by the collective wisdom of a global community of experts. In an era where the stakes of cybersecurity have never been higher, CSO Online stands as a beacon of clarity and authority, guiding organizations through the turbulent waters of digital risk with unwavering precision. Its uncompromising commitment to excellence, coupled with the pedigree of its publisher, solidifies its position as an indispensable resource for those charged with safeguarding the digital frontiers of the modern world. 
  1. The Hacker News :  

This newsletter provides its readers with the latest cybersecurity news and in-depth coverage of the latest trends. In the vast digital expanse of cybersecurity discourse, Hacker News stands as a beacon of clarity and accessibility, effortlessly transcending the jargon-laden barriers that often obscure the industry’s most pivotal insights. 

With an enviable social media presence and a name that resonates with a clarity akin to a rallying cry, Hacker News has solidified its status as a preeminent voice in the realm of cybersecurity publishing. Beyond mere recognition, Hacker News has cultivated a loyal following that spans the spectrum of technical expertise, from seasoned veterans to neophyte explorers of the digital frontier. This remarkable feat is a testament to the publication’s unwavering commitment to demystifying complex concepts through a narrative style that eschews obfuscation in favour of plain English prose. For those who find themselves navigating the cybersecurity landscape without the aid of a programmer’s or developer’s well-worn compass, Hacker News is an oasis of comprehensibility. Its writers possess a rare talent for distilling the most intricate and esoteric topics into accessible insights, empowering readers to grasp the essence of cutting-edge developments without the need for advanced degrees or decades of experience. Yet, Hacker News’s appeal extends far beyond its linguistic clarity. Its content is a tapestry woven from the threads of journalistic integrity, intellectual curiosity, and an unyielding pursuit of truth. Each article, and each analysis, is a testament to the publication’s commitment to illuminating the cybersecurity realm with a clarity that transcends mere explanation and strives to cultivate a deeper understanding. 

 In an industry often shrouded in metaphorical darkness, where the uninitiated can easily become lost in a labyrinth of technical jargon, Hacker News shines as a guiding light. Its luminous prose and unwavering dedication to accessibility have earned it a place of honor among cybersecurity enthusiasts, novices, and experts alike, establishing it as a true vanguard in the ever-evolving landscape of digital discourse. 

  1. Dark Reading 
  A print and online publication dedicated to the latest cybersecurity content.   At first blush, the moniker “Dark Reading” conjures images of a publication delving into the shadowy depths of the cybersecurity underworld, exposing the nefarious machinations that lurk within the Dark Web’s labyrinthine recesses. However, this assumption belies the true nature of this formidable cybersecurity titan, which stands as a shining beacon amidst the vast constellation of offerings from industry colossus Informa Tech. Far from embracing the darkness, Dark Reading’s mission is to illuminate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, casting a penetrating light upon the most pressing challenges and emerging trends that shape the digital frontier. Its pages are a tapestry woven from the threads of expertise, insight, and an unwavering commitment to equipping its readers with the knowledge necessary to safeguard their digital domains. Yet, Dark Reading is but one jewel in the crown of Informa Tech’s cybersecurity empire, a multifaceted juggernaut that encompasses a diverse array of esteemed publications, each a paragon of excellence in its own right. From the authoritative IT Pro Today to the illustrious, this powerhouse of industry intelligence wields an unparalleled breadth of knowledge, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of comprehensive cybersecurity mastery. What sets Dark Reading apart, however, is its distinct voice and perspective, a clarion call that resonates with those who understand the grave consequences of complacency in the face of relentless cyber threats. Its writers are not mere scribes but seasoned veterans of the digital battleground, each article a testament to their hard-won expertise and their unyielding dedication to protecting the digital realm. Through its pages, Dark Reading offers a rare and invaluable glimpse into the depths of the cybersecurity abyss, illuminating the darkest corners and revealing the unseen threats that lurk beneath the surface. It is a beacon of clarity amidst the chaos, a guiding light that empowers its readers to navigate the treacherous waters of the digital age with confidence and resilience. In an era where the consequences of cyber vulnerability can be catastrophic, Dark Reading stands as a bulwark against ignorance and complacency, a stalwart ally in the never-ending battle to secure the digital frontier. And with the formidable might of Informa Tech at its back, this cybersecurity titan is poised to lead the charge into an ever-more-perilous future, its unwavering commitment to knowledge and preparedness serving as a bastion against the relentless tide of cyber threats. 
  1. Infosecurity Magazine  

Forged from the crucible of over a decade’s worth of experience, Infosecurity Magazine has ascended to the pinnacle of the cybersecurity publishing realm, a towering bastion of knowledge and expertise that stands as a beacon for InfoSec professionals worldwide. This formidable publication is a tapestry woven from the collective talents of a team of writers whose prowess has been recognized with numerous industry accolades, their words imbued with the weight of hard-earned authority. But Infosecurity Magazine is far more than just a static repository of knowledge; it is a living, breathing ecosystem of information, a nexus where the latest developments, insights, and trends converge. From its incisive blog to its authoritative newsletter and cutting-edge webinars, this multifaceted resource offers a comprehensive and immersive experience that empowers InfoSec professionals to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape. What truly sets Infosecurity Magazine apart, however, is its global footprint. With a presence that spans eight international events, this powerhouse of cybersecurity intelligence has transcended geographical boundaries, forging a community of like-minded professionals united in their pursuit of digital security. Through these dynamic gatherings, the magazine’s influence is amplified, fostering a cross-pollination of ideas and fostering a spirit of collaboration that knows no borders. In an era where the consequences of cyber vulnerability can be catastrophic, Infosecurity Magazine stands as a bastion of preparedness, a wellspring of knowledge and insight that equips its readers with the tools they need to navigate the treacherous waters of the digital realm. Its commitment to excellence, coupled with its unwavering pursuit of innovation, has solidified its position as a leading resource for those tasked with safeguarding the digital frontiers of the modern world. With each article, each webinar, and each event, Infosecurity Magazine reinforces its status as a true vanguard of the cybersecurity publishing industry, a beacon of clarity amidst the chaos, and an indispensable ally in the never-ending battle against the relentless tide of cyber threats. 

  1. SANS 

Renowned as a vanguard in the realm of information security training, SANS stands as a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape with a trifecta of indispensable newsletters. These meticulously crafted offerings cater to the diverse needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of cybersecurity mastery. For those occupying the lofty echelons of executive leadership, SANS delivers a concise and incisive executive summary, distilling the most critical industry news headlines into a consumable format. This curated compendium empowers decision-makers to stay ahead of the curve, equipping them with the insights necessary to navigate the turbulent waters of cybersecurity with confidence and precision. 

Yet, SANS’ commitment to knowledge dissemination extends far beyond the boardroom. With a keen understanding that the frontlines of digital defense are ever-shifting, the organization offers a weekly digest that serves as a clarion call to vigilance. This comprehensive publication delves into the depths of newly discovered attack vectors, arming cybersecurity professionals with the intelligence they need to fortify their defenses and maintain an unwavering posture of readiness. 

But SANS’ reach transcends the boundaries of the professional realm, embracing a broader community of cybersecurity enthusiasts and lay users who share an insatiable curiosity about the digital frontier. To this end, the organization curates a monthly publication tailored specifically for non-professionals, offering a captivating window into the industry’s inner workings and fostering a deeper appreciation for the challenges and triumphs that define the cybersecurity domain. 

Through this trifecta of newsletters, SANS cements its position as a vanguard in the field of information security training, a wellspring of knowledge that empowers professionals, executives, and enthusiasts alike to navigate the ever-shifting currents of cyber threats with unparalleled expertise and resilience. Each offering is a testament to SANS’ unwavering commitment to excellence, a clarion call to vigilance and preparedness that reverberates throughout the digital realm. 

  1. Cyber Magazine 

In contrast to other newsletters that focus on summaries, analysis, and industry insights, Cyber Magazine prioritizes delivering breaking news updates. With a keen emphasis on timely information, this publication ensures readers are promptly informed about the latest developments in the cybersecurity realm. What sets Cyber Magazine apart is its meticulously organized content structure, resembling mini “magazines” that cover a wide array of industry sub-niches. This thoughtful organization allows readers to delve into specific topics of interest with ease, providing comprehensive coverage across diverse cybersecurity domains. By offering both up-to-the-minute news and a well-structured format, Cyber Magazine caters to the needs of professionals seeking timely updates and in-depth coverage within the cybersecurity landscape. 

  1. We Live Security 

Published by ESET, a renowned provider of antivirus, malware, and consumer security software, We Live Security delivers a wealth of award-winning news, views, and insights curated from the expertise of ESET’s esteemed industry professionals. With a commitment to excellence, We Live Security offers readers unparalleled access to cutting-edge developments, expert analysis, and valuable insights that shape the cybersecurity landscape. Through its rich and diverse content, We Live Security serves as a trusted source of information and guidance, empowering individuals and organizations to navigate the ever-changing world of cybersecurity with confidence and clarity. 

  1. Graham Cluley 
  Graham Cluley’s name reverberates through the annals of cybersecurity history, etched into the very fabric of the industry’s origins and evolution. It was his pioneering spirit that left an indelible mark on the digital landscape when he played a pivotal role in the creation of the first-ever antivirus software for Windows, a groundbreaking feat that predated the internet’s ubiquity in the mid-1990s. But Cluley’s contributions transcend this seminal achievement, a mere prelude to a career that has seen him ascend to the pantheon of cybersecurity luminaries. His illustrious journey has taken him through the hallowed halls of industry titans such as Sophos and McAfee, where he honed his expertise, sharpening his insights and forging a reputation as a preeminent authority in the field. Cluley’s mastery of the cybersecurity realm is so profound, so comprehensive, that it has earned him a place of honor in the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame, a rarified distinction bestowed upon only the most exceptional and influential figures in the industry. This accolade stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication, his relentless pursuit of knowledge, and his uncompromising commitment to safeguarding the digital world. With a wealth of experience that spans decades and encompasses the full spectrum of cybersecurity challenges, Cluley’s wisdom is a wellspring of invaluable insights.      
  1. Kerbs on Security 

This is a blog covering security news and investigations from a former Washington Post journalist Although Brian Krebs lacks formal training in cybersecurity, his background as an investigative journalist lends a unique and compelling perspective to Krebs on Security. Leveraging his extensive experience in investigative reporting, Krebs delves deep into the realm of cybercrime, shining a light on the individuals behind these nefarious activities. With meticulous research and insightful analysis, his newsletter and articles serve as riveting exposés on cybercrime. By applying his journalistic expertise to uncovering the tactics and motivations of cybercriminals, Krebs provides readers with invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. His work not only informs and educates but also empowers individuals and organizations to better understand and mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats 

  1. Unsupervised Learning:  

This newsletter gives its readers insights from an experienced cybersecurity expert, consultant, and writer. 

Daniel Meissler is no ordinary cybersecurity author. With two decades of experience navigating the ever-evolving landscape of IT security, he brings a wealth of hard-earned expertise to the table. But what truly sets Meissler apart is his insatiable intellectual curiosity that transcends the boundaries of his craft. A self-proclaimed obsessive when it comes to reality modeling and evolutionary biology, Meissler infuses his cybersecurity writing with a depth and interdisciplinary perspective seldom found in the field. His unique ability to draw parallels between the digital realm and the natural world imbues his work with a refreshing sense of wonder and an unorthodox lens through which to examine the complexities of cybersecurity. Meissler’s writing is a masterful fusion of technical acumen and philosophical exploration, inviting readers to ponder the profound implications of our digital existence. From dissecting the intricate algorithms that govern machine learning to contemplating the ethical quandaries posed by artificial intelligence, his words resonate with clarity and insight that transcends the typical “cybersecurity news” paradigm. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge that spans realms as diverse as quantum mechanics and cognitive science, Meissler’s writing is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary thinking. His ability to weave seemingly disparate threads into a tapestry of cybersecurity understanding is a gift that sets him apart as a true Renaissance mind in an increasingly specialized world. 

  1. High five newsletter 

Diverging from the conventional newsletter format, the High Five newsletter stands out by meticulously curating the freshest updates, resources, and job opportunities across the intersecting realms of technology, productivity, and security. Offering readers an enriched experience, the newsletter extends an invitation to elevate engagement through a premium membership. Within this exclusive community, members gain access to the extensive Hive archive, benefit from discounts on premium tools, and enjoy bonus content tailored to their interests and professional aspirations. By fostering a dynamic environment that prioritizes quality content and community interaction, High Five redefines the traditional newsletter experience, empowering subscribers to stay informed, connected, and inspired in their journey through the tech landscape.